from environmental data to decision making



Database implementation, monitoring network integration, data collection and processing


GIS Infrastructure Design, webGIS, spatial analysis tools.


Simulation models development, models integration.


Multiobjective problems identification and solving, using stochastic and genetic based optimization techniques.


Indicators identification and computation, evaluation and decision support system implementation

Visual analytics

Visual analytics interfaces for integrated analysis of data and solution in decision making processes

web platform

Integration of all developed solutions into multi-user web based platforms, aimed to data and knowledge management, sharing and publishing.


from environmental data to decision making
Integrated solutions for natural resources management

SoftWater is a startup company bringing academic world expertise toward institutions and environmental agencies.
It targets developing integrated solutions to support environmental policies and to foster a smart and sustainable water and natural resources management.


SoftWater team members has been involved in many national and international projects, thanks to the collaboration of the founding members with many research group, like: Natural Resource Management Group of Politecnico di Milano, Agricultural Hydraulics of Università degli Studi di Milano and Hydrology and Water Resources Management at ETH Zurich. SoftWater can also benefit from a wide network of collaborations which are complementing and enriching its expertises.

Enrico Weber

Founding member
Working as senior researcher at ETH Zurich and as a freelancer consultant as project manager and models developer. Teaching at the Politecnico and the Università degli Studi di Milano.
Since 1996 working on national and international research projects, writing articles and books on the subject.

Marco Micotti

Founding member
Environmental engineer, worked as GIS analyst and developer at Comune di Verbania. Since 2010 researcher and collaborator at Politecnico di Milano on different projects, developing ICT solution and methodologies to support participatory planning processes.